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Run! Run! Run!

Run! Run!! Run!!! I want to run and chase a dream But my feet are immobile Numbed by dissonance and discouragement Defanged like a lion afraid of the jungle

I want to run and become a reality But the real is not so apparent Inauthenticity has enveloped the beauty of the sublime My lens of vision is blurred by duplicity

I want to run and meet up with existence But essence is not found in frivolities In the voyage of meaning- you cannot really run without God I have come to discover that I cannot serve God without God

As you run the race of life, carry God along for direction, purpose and meaning.


Fr. Moses Ikuelogbon was the parochial vicor at St. Greg's from 2019-2022 and is now serving in the southern tier of the Buffalo Diocese. He loves scripture, tennis, and of course, being a rock star priest!


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