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Middle School

Mass,  Lunch, & Games
Open to   5th graders through   8th graders

What is "Mass, Lunch, & Games"?
Meet up at noon Mass in the Church, bring a lunch to eat at the Ministry Center, and then we play games! 


Open to   5th graders through 8th graders

What is "Hangout"? 
This is our summer social time where we just hangout and play games. 


Open to 7th and 8th graders only 

What is "Rooted"? 
Rooted is a "going deeper" night where we talk about various topics pertaining to the Catholic Church! Usually the discussion is led by the questions asked by the middle schoolers. 



End of Year Recap 


Summer Schedule starts July
For cash donations, 

What's coming up? 

Summer Schedule Starts in July! 


The Middle School Core Team is awesome and an integral part of MS ministry. They take part of the planning process, lead talks and small groups, play music, and lead tweens to Christ.


If you are interested in being a Core Member for Middle School, contact Nicole for more information!

Core Team

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