Middle School

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Where ALL are welcome 

Mass, Lunch, & Games

Open to entering 5th graders to graduated 8th graders

What is "Mass, Lunch, and Games"? 
Simple! We go to noon mass, then eat lunch, and then play some sort of game together! We typically have one water games and one messy games game a year. Meet at the Ministry Center. 


What is "Rooted"? 
Rooted is a "going deeper" night where we talk about various topics pertaining to the Catholic Church! Usually the discussion is led by the questions asked by the middle schoolers. 


Open to graduated 7th and 8th graders only 

Movie night

Open to entering 5th graders to graduated 8th graders 

What is "Movie Night"? 
We watch a Movie on the Ministry Center front lawn. Bring a movie (please make sure that the movies are only PG/G and are NOT blueray)
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Step 1.

Register online below

Step 2.

Return form and payment to YM

Upcoming Events

  • Middle School Retreat
    Middle School Retreat
    St. Gregory the Great
    Jun 04, 6:00 PM – Jun 06, 1:30 PM
    St. Gregory the Great, 100 St Gregory Ct, Buffalo, NY 14221, USA
    A weekend full of fun, community. faith and memories. Join us for our first retreat back! We are all so excited to learn about Divine Mercy Please remember we need a hard copy of the permission slip and payment

*Physical Permission Slip & Payment Needed for Spot to be Saved *

*Deposits may be needed for bigger events, check information about event for more details* 

The Middle School Core Team is awesome and an integral part of MS ministry. They take part of the planning process, lead talks and small groups, play music, and lead tweens to Christ.


If you are interested in being a Core Member for Middle School, contact Nicole for more information!

Core Team

Megan Dolce
Megan Dolce

Megan is one of our longest standing Core members! She is a momma to 2 boys also!

Emily Davoli
Emily Davoli

Emily has been around middle school ministry for many years, but her youthful energy and deep care for the youth is incredible!

Julianne Moreno
Julianne Moreno

Julianne has a heart of gold and has been part of many different youth ministries throughout the diocese. Fun Fact: She is in a musical on Spotify!

John Jaremko
John Jaremko

John is part 1 of our father-son dynamic duo! He is very committed to youth of this parish and helps create fun ways to learn about the faith.

Colin Mann
Colin Mann

Colin is literally the "Mann, the Myth, the Legend" He has been part of youth ministry starting as a participant in 6th grade all the way to being a CORE member!

Roe Spano
Roe Spano

Roe is a hospitality rockstar! She heads up the hospitality ministry at the Parish and also helps out with the middle schoolers!

Imanol Colon
Imanol Colon

Imanol had been part of youth ministry since he was a 6th grader. Now he on staff as one of our tech guys who has helped get our parish online!

Andrew Jaremko
Andrew Jaremko

Andrew is part 2 of our father-son duo! He attended our Life Teen for high schoolers and has such a fun and outgoing personality for middle shoolers.

Adrian Lewis
Adrian Lewis

Adrian is one of the most "chill" people around.He is a graduate of our high school Life Teen program who is also attending the University of Buffalo.

Lauren Biondo
Lauren Biondo

Lauren is one of the kindest people around! She uses her beautiful gift of listening to connect to the middle schoolers and lead them to Christ.

Hannah Erner
Hannah Erner

Hannah's love for converse and working with the middle schoolers have been incredible. She is another graduate of our Life Teen program, which is for high school!


SGYM3 Music Ministry 

SGYM Music Ministry: This ministry provides an opportunity for St. Greg's Youth Ministry (SGYM) participants to sing for the 4:30pm Sunday Mass on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. Sound-Check and practice begins at 3pm in Church, directly prior to Mass.


Contact Michael Cygan (Associate Director of Music Ministry)

We are Looking for 

-piano players 

-guitar players

-base players

-violin players



-contact about other instruments