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Seeing Yourself through Christ’s Eyes: A Blog Post for Women

Today, being a woman is difficult. We are constantly being held to this impossible standard of false beauty and being told how we should act. I fell into this trap all through my teen years. I thought that my worth came from how I looked, how I acted, and being well-liked. I spent way too many years looking for the approval of others instead of God.

I’m here to tell you dear sisters in Christ, it does not matter how you look or how well-liked you are. You are known, loved, and seen by Jesus Christ. That is the desire of our hearts to be known and loved. Christ knows you better than anyone else and He loves you. I’m here to tell you how freeing it is to not compare your beauty to the models you see on Instagram, to not place your worth on society’s opinion of you, and to know that no matter what you do, who leaves your side, or how much you are hurting Christ loves you and is there for you.

Beauty is a gift that all women are given. Each and every one of us was created by a loving Father who saw that we were good. He looked at you and thought you were beautiful. True beauty comes from virtue. Comparison is the thief of joy. No one can compare to you. You don’t look like her because you were not meant to be her. You were meant to be you. Christ gave you your own looks, your own personality, and your own gifts and talents, so you can be a light to this world.

I used to think that I was only worthy if I had a lot of friends or a boyfriend, but boy was I wrong! My worth doesn’t come from worldly things. There is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to you or say to you that changes your worth and how truly loved you are. You are worthy of all the love in the world.

Trust me I know the heartache of losing friendships, being hurt by men in my life, and not feeling adequate enough compared to my friends, but this is what the devil does. He uses these circumstances to make you feel that your worth has been taken away when the truth of the matter is, it has never and will never be taken away. You are worthy.

Christ sees you as a treasure. You are His beloved. He brought you here for a purpose. He didn’t create anyone to look like you or to have the same gifts as you. That is why it is so pointless to compare ourselves to other women. There is no comparison. We all look different, we are all on our own journey, we all have different vocations, and we each have a unique purpose to fulfill.

Seeing yourself through Christ’s eyes is seeing yourself as precious. Someone who is unique, beautiful, and has her own unique set of gifts and talents. When you start to see yourself through Christ’s eyes, you stop comparing, you are more confident, you focus on your own goals and vocations, you do not settle in friendships and relationships, and you have joy in your heart. Seeing yourself through Christ’s eyes is truly life-changing.


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