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We're proud of the content we're producing here at St. Greg's. Genuine witness and explanation of faith written from the heart from people in this community. Check them out below or subscribe to Oasis Magazine for a refreshing email delivered to your mailbox to keep you refueled near or far.

Find Your Rhythm

Independence. Leadership. Fellowship. Time management. Just finishing up my second year in college, I began to look back at successes and failures in the short time that I have spent at Syracuse University. Along with that, a major part of my life up “on the hill” at SU would have to be my faith life and the connections I have made through that. The Catholic Center is a small knit group of students that has come to form a strong bond with one another. This past year, I took an even bigger role in the center and was the head of a group called REFRESH, the Bible study group for first year students. With this new task on my plate, I soon began to wonder how I would manage being involved in th

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