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We're proud of the content we're producing here at St. Greg's. Genuine witness and explanation of faith written from the heart from people in this community. Check them out below or subscribe to Oasis Magazine for a refreshing email delivered to your mailbox to keep you refueled near or far.

The Birth of a Blog - A recent graduate's witness

Writing this blog, I hope to bring hope to people going through difficult trials in their life. Before I can do that, I need to tell you about why and how this blog came to be. I grew up as a typical kid, in a nice suburban neighborhood. I have two parents who love me, and although they divorced when I was in eighth grade, it was a very civil divorce, as they took great care to never fight around my two sisters and me, remain in the same school district, and to have an equal distribution of time with us each week and on Holidays. Senior year of high school began as the best year it could be; I had a fantastic job at my Church, I had my license, I was starting my 4-h dog training year in the

Live Mercy

Hi, this is John Nemmer again. I would like to talk with you about mercy. Now, mercy is love’s second name, meaning you can’t forgive others (give mercy) without loving them first. That is what Jesus taught us. He said, “you should love everyone as you love yourself.” It doesn’t mean we have to like everyone but we have to pray and hope everyone goes to Heaven. I’m talking about all people who lived in the past, are living in the present, and will live in the future. No matter how young or old, how good or bad they are, we still have to love them all the same. I know sometimes, it’s really hard to love and forgive others but, our Lord Jesus, did not hesitate to cry out for mercy, on the cros

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