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Finding joy through suffering

Hi, this is John Nemmer again. I would like to talk with you about finding joy in all of our daily sufferings. The reason we suffer so much in life is because Adam and Eve didn't listen to God. When he told them not to eat just one fruit in the garden, they fell, because they believed the lies of the snake. Then, sin, death, and all suffering came into the world. Now, we always think of suffering a

s this really bad thing which just brings us down and depresses us.

However, it doesn't have to do that to us at all. We can all be happy sufferers. Sometimes we usually forget how great our lives truly are and we start feeling sorry about having to suffer. We shouldn't ever feel that way at all. We are so blessed for everything we have and can do. God has done so wonderful things for us but sometimes we don't act thankful to him at all. Sometimes we get all depressed when things don't go our way.

That isn't how we should live. We always should carry our cross with joy, don't let it weigh you down. You should raise it up for all to see. That is what Jesus did. So, we should always, offer up our lives to God, all that we are, all that we have, all our regrets, all our acclaim, the joy and the pain, things in the past, things yet unseen, wishes and dreams that are yet to come true, all of our hopes, all of our plans, to use it for his glory, as a pleasing sacrifice. If we practice doing that, God will be so happy with us. He will also bless us in great ways just like a loving father would for his children. If we truly offer up all of our sufferings with joy to God, for the good of others, we will become saints in Heaven.

May the love of our lord, Jesus Christ, the communion of the holy spirit, and the glory of God the Father, be with you all. Amen.


John is an 18 year old parishioner at St. Greg's and is finding a real talent for writing. You can find John faithfully at Mass every week with his loving family. Feel free to say "hi" when you see him!

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