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The Boat: A Reflection

You are travelling in a boat, The boat of human reason, history, facts, figures, and hypotheses. But it is also the boat of trepidation, hesitancy, and human fear. You are trekking onward with the task to get from point A to point B unscathed. But suddenly, you look around the boat, And what were once peaceful waters are now thrashing waves, The wind is tugging violently at your sail. The sky is clouded, and you cannot see the horizon clearly as you once were able to. Never before have you ever been in such a ghastly storm, leaving you vulnerable and uncertain. So, you cling to the boat with all your body’s might, and your soul bolts with questions. Why did God allow the sea and skies to storm? Why would He allow you to enter into a situation that you may not be able to withstand? If God is in the gentle breeze, where is He now? But you look up, and walking on the ever relentless water; is Jesus. His eyes are fixed on you, His hand outstretched to you. He wants you to step out of the boat, and grab hold of His hand. In doing so, you would be stepping out of all you’ve ever known to be safe on the sea. Yet, with your eyes sinking into the Peace of Jesus, and not sinking into the chaos and questions of risk, You step out of your boat and let Jesus guide you, walking with Him through the unknown. Trust in Jesus, for only He knows where the storm would have taken your boat.

In this, and any time of uncertainty, we can find ourselves grappling to understand the world around us. The natural human response is to sink into despair, and ask, “Why is He allowing this suffering?” But Jesus is calling us to break away from that nature, and focus on Him.

His eyes, His smile, His hand outstretched for yours. He is earnestly seeking to draw you closer to His Sacred Heart and Fount of Life. Trust Him Duc in Altum


Maddy Greene is a student at Canisius College studying Human Services and Education. Ever since moving to Buffalo in 2008, her family has attended St. Greg's. Now, with a renewed love for the faith, Maddy is excited to get more involved with youth and music ministry!

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