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The Holy Goose?

So we do a weekly team learning session before our youth ministry staff meeting with the online site Formed. I've grown to love this program and highly recommend a number of series you should check out. If you're not on Formed yet, you really should be. It's kind of like the Netflix of Catholic content. There are winners and stinkers, but some definitely worth their digital weight in gold. The parish has purchased a subscription that makes Formed free for the community. Make your own account using the parish code D7B6CQ.

Alright, I'll wait for you to get signed up....

Ok, now that you have your account set up, here are the top three series you should dive into. Seriously thought provoking and impactful. I learned a lot from these three.

1. The Wild Goose

2. Divine Mercy: In The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

3. Symbolon

I loved The Wild Goose so much, we're walking through the series at Amped. I know, "what does a wild goose have to do with anything?" I asked myself the same question. To be honest, I'm still not sure. What I do know, is that the series delivers one of the most relevant and engaging conversations about the Holy Spirit I have seen.

Fr. Dave Pivanka, newly appointed as the President of Franciscan U. and host of the series, does a stellar job of walking through who the Holy Spirit is and what it looks like to have a relationship with Him. As the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit often gets brushed aside until Baptism or Confirmation season comes around for the family.

Using a very easy going and well researched format, The Wild Goose delivers a modern introduction into that relationship. A relationship that is very well alive and active in our very lives. The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit make us alive in faith and leads us towards the relationship with the Son and the Father.

I have felt the Holy Spirit move in my life over the years and has been knocking on my heart to know Him more. After all, Jesus left us the Holy Spirit to move forward as a Church. This series has done a fantastic job in bringing that back into the spotlight.

Young adults, come and join us for Amped every other Tuesday (the next one is October 1 or see the schedule here) as we walk not only through the series but in community with the Holy Spirit. Don't worry if you missed a night, jumping in is great. If you can't join us live, pick up the series from the beginning. I hope to see you soon!

May God bless you,

Come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit...


Adam Jarosz is the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry at St. Gregory the Great. His vocation involves loving his wife Ani and two babies, Isabella and Wyatt.

He also enjoys being active outdoors, getting gym time in, and writing.

Questions? Shoot him a message

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