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Oasis Magazine Begins

Life is busy. Things are crazy right? You're in the heat of the semester. Classes and projects are in full bloom. Jobs and internships are just eating up your time not to mention activities and sports. Then there is the social life and dating scene.

Maybe you are feeling that heat right now and sweating it out. Maybe you are thriving and taking it all in. Maybe you are wondering what in the world are you doing with your life. Ask yourself where you are right now. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Wherever you are in life at the moment is yours to own. This space in between ages of adolescence and the responsibilities of adulthood is unique. You're setting the stage for the next act in your life. You decide what is important to you. So what is important to you? How would you prioritize your life right now? I don't mean, the things you do. I mean what is at the core of your being. What is your essence made of? Let me introduce you to people who asked the same thing.

In Exodus, the Israelites fled Egypt under the leadership of Moses. They left slavery in the rearview mirror excited for the freedom that lay ahead. They expected the Promise Land immediately. What they found was a whole lot of sand. It was hot. It was difficult. They wandered for forty years. I was in Sedona this past summer and did some hiking. A few hours in and got heat sick. Also, I get frustrated when I'm lost and it takes 20 minutes to get back on track. I personally couldn't even imagine what forty years walking in a desert was like. With thousands of people.

They lost sight. They were so consumed with wanting the easy way out or directing their praise to falsehoods. So they wandered more. After they left the Egyptians in the Red Sea, the Israelites really struggled with their plight. Not in the mindset to see God's work, they grumbled about whether or not they should have even left behind the old world they knew.

After going without water they were led to a place with bad water. The grumbling continued. When Moses appealed to the Lord for help, He provided. The dirty water changed to fresh and satisfying water. While they were at the breaking point the Lord intervened. He also gave them instruction. "If you really listen to the voice of the Lord, your God," He told them, "and do what is right in his eyes: if you heed his commandments and keep all his precepts, I will not afflict you with any of the diseases with which I afflicted the Egyptians; for I, the Lord, am your healer." (Ex 15:22-26)

Moses led them to an oasis (Ex 15:27), a spot to rest and break from the trials. What they found was that God always gave them what they needed and called for them to turn back to Him. No matter how many times they fell away, He provided so they can continue the journey. Just like the Israelites, you may find yourself being brought back to Him. So while you find yourself in the desert of the year or semester, listen for God and watch for the Oasis.

My hope is that we here at St. Greg's can offer you an Oasis to help you keep your path to the Promised Land. Oasis Magazine, a quick monthly break, will be sent to your email if you want it. Refresh and know the Lord is calling you. Sign up on the webpage and follow original content from home. Know that we are praying for you and if you ever need anything, we're a quick visit, phone call, or email away, no matter who or where you are.

In Christ,

Adam Jarosz


Adam is the Director of Youth Ministry at St. Greg's Parish. He's getting married this summer to his beautiful fiancee, Ani. Adam loves burritos, kayaking, and wants a dog (but needs to convince his beautiful bride to get one). Contact Adam anytime at

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