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Trust the Process

As I look around, I see that we live in a world that craves a solution. Internet searches soar seeking solutions for weight loss, health tips, household repair tips. You name it! Seeking a solution can come somewhat naturally. These days, there is the added dimension of also seeking the quickest and easiest solution. How can I lose x amount of weight in x amount of weeks? How can I make the quickest batch of desserts for this party? How can I clean my floors in the quickest, easiest way? It goes without saying that many look at the status of the world at times and say: Who is going to fix this? Then, there’s the implicit expectation that this process be quick, easy, and pain-free.

A few weeks ago one of my fellow daily adorers left the chapel at the same as me. She had left in order to ask me a question. She asked me, “What do you think we should do? I keep praying but it just doesn’t do anything.” I looked at her in silence and felt in my heart almost nothing to say because I felt that my proposed “solution” would seem ineffective: “Do not be anxious. Pray.” No matter, I answered her with that short phrase. As a context, I believe that her question was in regards to the political and general anxiety-ridden climate of the world in that/this moment. Walking outside into the cold, I thought about the “advice” I had given. Not feeling qualified to really give advice in general but still having offered some, I thought immediately to Padre Pio’s “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.” I began to pray and think about what she had asked and what Padre Pio urges us to do.

What is the solution? I truly believe that many have begun to seek out solutions in temporary things, i.e. political candidates, liturgical extremes (traditionalist vs. charismatic), and the list goes on and on. I see the fruit of division being sewn among many as we subtly deviate our gaze from the Only One who can bring true peace and holiness. I think that, sometimes, these distractions are deviating routes from the call to become a saint. I have come to the sure and steadfast point that nothing is outside of Christ. We have been given the solution in the form of Love itself. Why do we look for the solution on a golden platter when instead it has been given to us in the form of wood? The Lord teaches me more and more that Love is the only way and that it is simple. He is simple even though He is infinite.

There is no doubt that we are called to advocate and to be witnesses. We are called to lay our lives down if necessary and to witness to Jesus at the cost of our reputations, relationships, and blood if given the chance. But, I wonder, would we be willing to do this if we have lost focus on Him? Do we give Him our trust and Love when we do not emit full confidence in Him? I think that the natural progression of being rooted in Jesus is becoming a saint, a witness of His Love. It starts with rooting your heart in His and allowing Him to transform you into Him. We are citizens of this world but we are One in Christ alone. I think that the “simple solution”, be it arduous (although sweet He makes it) at times, is to root ourselves in Him.

I’ve been taken to Coach McDermott’s “Trust the Process” because I also find it so applicable to our lives in Christ. I almost wish I would have said it to the lady at Adoration. What a great moment for a “rewind” feature in life. This transformation process often lies in hidden silence and, then, before we know it. . .the Bills have won the Super Bowl and we have become saints. Exponentially more than I want the Bills to win the Super Bowl, I want God to use the process of my life to turn me into a saint. And I think here. . . is what you could call the “solution”. God raises up beautiful, unrepeatable saints to witness to His Love, His Mercy, and His Heart. There is nothing more beautiful in life to have become everything God has wanted you to be. It’s only by our transformation in Him that we will do anything worthy in this world that so desperately craves Him and His Love, albeit unknowingly.


This article was written by an anonymous and awesome young adult from the community we'll call, Mary Lou J. Stephens. You may or may not see her around but if you see her, be sure to say "hi". They may or may not like trees, puppies, newspapers, or even hand sanitizer.


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