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What's happening this week ?

         Due to the current COVID-19 Crisis

                 We are going Digital!! 

                   Schedule of Events

                 Monday - Friday Daily

1pm -         Rosary @ Instagram Live

3pm - 4pm  Holy Holy @ Instagram Live


                      Special Events

                  All on YouTube Live

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 "St. Greg's Youth and Young Adult Ministry" 

Wednesdays, 7:30pm  Praise and Worship

Thursdays, 6:30pm Edge


*8th Grade Lockin- Stay tuned for rescheduling* 


*Spring Retreat- still on... so tuned * 



Thursdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm 

Edge open to grades 5 - 8! . Taking place weekly, this community is a ton of fun while building the faith at a deeper level t. Check out the schedule and plug right in! It's free to attend, bring a friend!

Service Nights

Tuesdays 6pm- 7:30pm 

During service nights, grades 5th- 8th are welcome to join us in serving the parish and community! We will do various service projects to give back to the community that has given so much to the youth and young adult department.


Fridays 7pm -9pm 

Ultimate is the game night for grades 5 through 8 that you don't want to miss. Packed full of energy and fun, you can't help but have a good time and meet friends. So get ready to play and eat pizza! Ready, set, go!


Step 1.

Register online below

Step 2.

Return form and payment to YM

Upcoming Events
Middle School Spring Retreat
Camp Turner
8th Grade Lock-in
St. Gregory The Great

Note* A deposit saves your spot 

The Middle School Core Team is awesome and an integral part of MS ministry. They take part of the planning process, lead talks and small groups, play music, and lead tweens to Christ.


If you are interested in being a Core Member for Middle School, contact Nicole for more information!

Core Team

Megan Dolce
Megan is one of our longest standing Core members! She is a momma to 2 boys also!
Emily Davoli
Emily has been around middle school ministry for many years, but her youthful energy and deep care for the youth is incredible!
Julianne Moreno
Julianne has a heart of gold and has been part of many different youth ministries throughout the diocese. Fun Fact: She is in a musical on Spotify!
John Jaremko
John is part 1 of our father-son dynamic duo! He is very committed to youth of this parish and helps create fun ways to learn about the faith.
Ryan Wild
Ryan is the man. He always has some creative way to teach the faith to the youth. He is also musically talented with both drumming and signing!
Colin Mann
Colin is literally the "Mann, the Myth, the Legend" He has been part of youth ministry starting as a participant in 6th grade all the way to being a CORE member!
Roe Spano
Roe is a hospitality rockstar! She heads up the hospitality ministry at the Parish and also helps out with the middle schoolers!
Imanol Colon
Imanol had been part of youth ministry since he was a 6th grader. Now he is a recent graduate who will be attending Canisius College this Fall!
Andrew Jaremko
Andrew is part 2 of our father-son duo! He attended our Life Teen for high schoolers and recently graduated. He will be attending Canisius College this Fall!
Adrian Lewis
Adrian is one of the most "chill" people around.He has been part of the Life Teen program for the highschoolers for the last few years. He recently graduated and will be going to UB.
Lauren Biondo
Lauren just finished being our intern for the summer and did a great job learning about the youth minister role. She recently graduated from our high school program known as Life Teen and will be heading off to ECC this Fall!
Hannah Erner
Hannah's love for converse and working with the middle schoolers have been incredible. During high school she volunteered to help out with middle schoolers and has decided to continue to do so as she goes to ECC in the Fall!
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